In Lynn, we commemorated the epic return of Angurria and the dazzling energy of his Patria, his Dominican Republic homeland. Noted muralists from the DR, a cohort of street artists, and regional creatives with strong Dominican roots united on our REUNION wall in downtown Lynn to showcase Dominican culture. This collaborative fusion mural was fueled by the talents of artists Dovente, Silvia López Chavez and Willgom, all united by our esteemed Creative Director, Angurria himself. 

The term “KLK” is an acronym for “Que lo que!,” a figure of speech used by Dominicans as a form of greeting or question. It  translates to “What is there?” or “What what?” but the English equivalent is “What’s up?” This impressive mural serves as a greeting to Dominicans, sharing the warmth of the Caribbean people with Lynn’s Latin community. The mural celebrates Dominican culture, traditions, music, food, and games as depicted by the three generations represented in the piece.


Created on September 30, 2022
274-282 Union St, Lynn, MA 01901, USA

Hunted by Philip Fagan.