Todas las mujeres que habitan el Alfoz

The sound of water resonates shared confidences, glances and moments of complicity between all of them. A girl in her hands rubs between her small hands everything that we still have to erase phrases that symbolize fears, stereotypes, contradictions that continue to be imposed on women and that show the weight of what has been learned. THAT'S A WOMEN'S THING, be feminine, be natural, wear makeup, don't go out alone, be obedient, be innocent, be sexual, don't age, smile, don't say yes, don't say no...

Created on February 20, 2022
Ctra. Mansilla, 18, 09131 Arroyal, Burgos, España
Hunted by Cesitale Rojo.

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Date created2022-02-20T23:00:00.000Z
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