La Source

Marika Gysbers, alias Mog, street artist from Pau who has already made a name for herself in the same district, by "paying for the wall" located at the corner of rue Mary Lafon and rue de la Comédie to paint Olympe de Gouges there, attacked, this time, to the cladding of the gable of a building on the corner of rue Fourchue and rue de l'Union Compagnonnique.

15 meters high, 8 wide... The monumental fresco was commissioned by the municipality of Montauban, which wanted to "brighten up and light up" the two small, freshly renovated streets. The brilliantly colored work is already well advanced, but not yet, entirely, finished : "Ingres took 36 years to complete his painting", jokes the Béarnaise artist who granted himself a "break" before finishing the job.

To create a fresco of this scale, she goes through a sketch, then a grid to adapt to the size of the facade. In La Source revisitée, Mog has taken up his favorite technique of the blindfold already slipped over the eyes of Olympe de Gouges. But the artist wishes above all to pay homage to the “graffiti of the 80s, to the hip-hop movement practiced in the housing estates by young immigrants. I wanted to link this graffiti heritage to the world of heritage. »
Created on September 14, 2021
14 Rue de l'Union Compagnonnique, 82000 Montauban, France

Hunted by Tigr Groove.