By French artist Christian Guémy aka C215 https://instagram.com/christianguemy/ at Porto Antico, (near Passeggiata Calata Rotonda), Strada Sopraelevata Aldo Moro, 16126 Genoa, Italy in July 2020. 
'Genoa -  Christian Guémy, that is C215 , a French street artist of international fame, has "hit" in Genoa, in particular in the historic center and the Porto Antico. Among the various interventions completed, he created a masonry work, called "Love in the time of the Coronavirus", in which two young people kiss, but with a mask.
The artist also visited the Obey https://instagram.com/obeygiant/ exhibition, scheduled at the Doge's Palace, demonstrating the international caliber of the exhibition. ...
His artistic production is characterized by a preference for sentimental subjects and themes. C215 stencils offer an interesting and poetic cross-section of everyday reality represented through intense portraits of children, ordinary people, couples in love, homeless people, and small pets.
In addition, among the sources of greatest inspiration for C215 appear to be the great masters of painting, especially Caravaggio, whom the street artist often pays homage with remakes of his masterpieces. His subjects draw attention to what society has forgotten or pretends not to see. The face of his characters are often crossed by deep marks that highlight the passage of time, lines such as scars and wrinkles suffered.' - (translated from article by https://instagram.com/claudiocabona/https://www.ilsecoloxix.it/genova/2020/07/15/news/lo-street-artist-c215-sta-colorando-genova-con-le-sue-opere-1.39085236  
Artist website: https://c215.fr/
Created on April 14, 2021
Passeggiata Calata Rotonda, Genoa, Metropolitan City of Genoa, Italy
Hunted by Mike Franks.
Pictures by @uclamikefranks.

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