"Mitos Metálicos"

embodied waste, wasted drunk;
smoke the river, diesel in the glass
and Bacchus came out of a bottle* battle in the afterlife,

prosperous oil companies, cover the plastic
the skin of this Earth.
the insatiable thirst, sour society.
left party, and consumed conscience, 
nature is wise, incredulous humanity.

”between Vesuvius and Benehuare,
Tajogaite and Pompei,

in Palma”
open wound,
mountain bleeding...
wash or stain

to be Venus next to Hephaestus
and his uncontrollable violence, 
sometimes Gaea, 
asking respect for the Earth
or the treacherous swan 
who seduced Leda. 
the mirage
that confuses tragedy and beauty
Centuries and cycles
secret gossip, 
up to 6 months...

he fury and uncontrollable hunger of the fire,
blacksmith strength,
reinterpretation of Vulcano,
for Greeks Hephaestus.

Feoflip is an artist born in the Canary Islands His story begins around the year 2000 when street painting did not receive any artistic recognition. He moved at night to make his pieces of him. Since then he has not stopped painting on the walls and always accompanied him by his black book. His work of art is a hybrid and mutation of science fiction, biomechanics, steampunk, dreamlike visions, and many times you can read an eternal debate between technology and nature, dehumanizing by new communication devices. Feofl!p continues to walk past the next wall, where each mural is a challenge, an investigation, and a story to tell.
Created on September 26, 2021
Fonte Salutare, Via Sacra, 15, 80045 Pompei NA, Italy

Hunted by Pompei Street Art Festival. Pictures by Claudio Cascone - Pompei Street Festival 2021 Adriana Tuzzo - Pompei Street Festival 2021.