The long wait

Wall painted by Fintan Magee during No Limit Street Art Borås 2017. More information about No Limit, here.

Fintan Magee is a muralist based in Sydney Australia. Born in 1985 in Lismore NSW to an architect mother and father who was a sculptor, he started drawing at a young age and became involved in the Australian graffiti scene at the 13. Moving away from traditional graffiti in 2010 his large-scale paintings often inhabit the isolated, abandoned and broken corners of the city. Drawing from personal experience and the mundane his figurative paintings are deeply integrated with the urban environment and explore themes of waste, consumption, loss, transition, and the environment and his works contain a sentimentality and softness influenced by children’s books and the Low Brow art movement.

He has solidified his position as one of Australia’s leading public artists and has traveled extensively, completing projects in London, Vienna, Los Angeles, Miami, Atlanta, Buenos Aires, Copenhagen, Moscow, Rome and Dublin amongst others.

Created on August 19, 2017
Hallbergsplatsen 2, 503 30 Borås, Sverige
Hunted by Anders Kihl.

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Date created2017-08-19T22:00:00.000Z
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