The River

The narrative this piece intends to represent has a central element is the river Tejo. Which, like all rivers, favors the real and imaginary life of those who live on its banks.

The rivers are fantastic beings since they join the real and the imaginary, the boats and the nymphs, the weightless body and the soul, the separation and the relationship, the banks and the bridge.
The rivers makes it possible for the imaginary to become real and, therefore, on its banks, so beautiful cities were built.

This kind of homage to the river Tejo and to the city of Lisbon has as its main goal to make us enjoy it and there for preserve it.

Source Description: IG KRUS

Created on August 7, 2021
Tv. Poço 19, 1990-221 Lisboa, Portugal
Hunted by Stefaan Tanghe.
Pictures by https://www.instagram.com/street_art_travels_/.

Marker details

FestivalMuro LX 2021
Date created2021-08-07T22:00:00.000Z
OrganizationGaleria de Arte Urbana
Marker typeartwork