The Reading by Mariana Duarte Santos
Mariana's quote from her Instagram post: 
"The idea was to take inspiration from paintings at Museu de Lisboa and create a new interpretation of them in the context of this neighborhood, it’s history and the people who live here. (Slide to the last picture of the carousel so see the painting that inspired this mural).
For this one I decided to do a modern take on the painting “The Reading” from Museu de Lisboa, using as reference local kids that go to an after school program created and managed by some amazing women in the neighborhood who give their time as volunteers to help kids with whatever they might be having difficulties with and foster and environment of acceptance and inclusion for everybody!"
Project: Galeria de Arte Urbana, Gebalis, Freguesia Ajuda & Museu de Lisboa 
Created on October 29, 2021
R. Armando de Lucena 22, 1300-070 Lisboa, Portugal

Hunted by Stefaan Tanghe. Pictures by Courtesy of Stefaan Tanghe :https://www.instagram.com/ostendnomadography/ MovieScientist.