Diverity, Goch by Mutabel mutabel aka Catinca Ghiea from Düsseldorf with the support of Carla Mata Hari from Cologne as part of the“ Goch history meets StreetArt festival organized by Benjamin Taag.

Do you know that too, you go to a StreetArt Festival, look at the works and think “very nice!” Because you have already seen a lot in this way or in a similar form.

Goch is different, maybe because it's still such a young festival, but it also has to do with the selection / mix of artists, and for that you just have to thank Benjamin Taag!
So I walk down the street and suddenly see this gigantic spider web, at first glance it looks threatening like broken glass from an impact or a shot.

But as I get closer, I perceive the different colors of the threads and the message from Carla Mata Hari "Let the love rule", because it becomes clear to me that the network stands for the diversity of love, for the spreading movement of diversity, for the acceptance and tolerance of race, gender and religion and that it does not matter what sexual expression someone has. Diversity enriches a society in every way!

I know a lot of Mutabel items from Düsseldorf, of course, but I've never seen anything this size! String art is really popular, not least because of all the workshops that Catinca does!

Created on August 4, 2021Removed
Auf dem Wall 7, Goch, Deutschland
Hunted by Raphael Mellen.

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Camera usedPanasonic DMC-TZ31
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