Time is running backwards

Francesco Camillo Giorgino, aka Millo, was born in Mesagne in the province of Brindisi in 1979. 
After graduating he moved to Pescara where he graduated with full merits at the Faculty of Architec­ture. As an always passionate and tireless artist, after his studies he carried out a personal aesthetic research in the field of painting, focusing on the relationship between space and the individual, moving from the micro to the macro scale. 
In the last decade Millo has focused on the production of large-scale mural works, which have lead him to paint all over the world. His mural production boasts over 120 works scattered across all continents, in addition his paintings have been exhibited in London, Chicago, Rio De Janeiro, Paris, Los Angeles, Miami, Rome and Milan. 
Furthermore, his works are part of two permanent collections: Urban Nation Museum for urban con­temporary art in Berlin and the Straat Museum for graffiti and street art in Amsterdam. 
The Mural: 
Millo1s design takes its cue from the former Odeon Cinema, a few steps from the City Centre's Park. The cinema was designed and built between 1948 and 1952 by the architect Virgilio Marchi, a leading exponent of the second futurism. 
It was the largest cinema in Livorno, particularly appreciated for its excellent acoustics and the refinement of it's soundscape. 
Currently closed (since 2008) tand recently converted into mostly a parking lot, the murales brings back to the memory an important building, which remains in the heart and memory of the people of Livorno to date. 

"Imagined bringing back to life a place loved by the city, as if time could slip backwards"

The work was created by the Murali Association "Let's give color to the city" with the support of the Municipality of Livorno, L.E.M. Livorno, CCN Borgo, ASA Livorno, Saba Bevande and thanks to the sup­port of the technical sponsors of the initiative: GV3 Venpa, Sikkens Color, Non solo Bagno and was in­augurated on 3 July 2021 to coincide with the first edition of the Straborgo Festival. 

Created on July 2, 2021
Via San Carlo, 167, Livorno, Province of Livorno, Italy

Hunted by MuraLi Diamo colore alla città.

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