Goldmine 2021 - It's an odd life 'til you get it right

In 2021, Wallin' invites many artists to this area of Ghent for their 'Graffiti Goldmine'. <br/>
This is what Lobster Robin had to say about his work: 'it circles around the idea of holding on to what is valuable in life. Looking back at my twenties, it was a decade of me trying to figure out who I am and what is important to me in life. Searching for the kind of artist I want to be and what my values are. It took a while, but now that I’m entering my thirties, I feel like I’ve finally started to have a grasp of who I am and what I want to spent my life doing. This is what I wanted to express in this piece. Holding on to the light in your life in an ever-changing chaotic world and staying true to the person you want to be!'.
A project by Wallin' vzw with support from stad Gent.
Created on July 25, 2021
August Vermeylenstraat 112, 9000 Gent, België
Hunted by Ferdinand Feys.
Pictures by mural: Lobster Robin - pic: Ferdinand Feys / Ghent Street Art.

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