Travail Famille Party

While he was working on the Mirages installation, 3ttman had some free time to make cement candy! On the abandoned military barracks on Rue Voirin, the artist hijacked Marshal Pétain’s slogan that said Work, Family, Homeland and transformed it into Work, Family, Party. Pétain was the marshal in charge of France under Nazi occupation, everything about him has strong anti-democratic connotations. 3ttman’s intervention aimed precisely at turning a dramatic act into a careless joke and at affirming the need for lightness in a world where things are sometimes taken too seriously. Some neighbors were really annoyed by this sentence, assuming that humour is in danger in our modern societies ! 
Project created within the scope of the “5th Bien Urbain edition”.
Created on May 31, 2015Removed
Rue Voirin, Besançon, France
Hunted by Bien Urbain.
Pictures by Quentin Coussirat, David Demougeot, Clara Picard.

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Date created2015-05-31T22:00:00.000Z
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