Karel Rymhof square art

update: this work has faded away ...

Get your drones out to see this one ... The Youth service of Ghent wanted to transform Karel Rymhof square into a large work of art. The goal is to increase the playability of the square they wanted to use art to motivate the children from the neighborhood to come outside and play. So Resto created a playful and colorful ground painting. The first time he did something like this. You better fly high to see this.
A project by Wallin' vzw for Jeugddienst stad Gent 

Created on April 4, 2021Removed
Karel Rymhofplein, Pannestraat, Gent, België
Hunted by Ferdinand Feys.
Pictures by art: Resto - pic: Ferdinand Feys / Street Art Ghent, art: Resto - pic: HOOG fotografie for Wallin' vzw.

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