Brown Bear - Original Extinction Art Project is Pariz One new wall featuring Edis One
The Future is Now!
This very cool wall is a fantastic addition to the Extinction Series created by Edis One in the Telheiras Legal walls. In front of this wall you can admire the penguin and a little bit further in the neighborhood, close to the shops and Padaria Portuguesa you can admire the Whales. This particular wall had for many years housed another at risk animal, The White Polar Bear. 

ParizOne on his own words: https://pariz-one.com/
Pariz One was born in 1984. He graduated in audiovisuals, and is internationally recognized has a graffiti artist, a Creative Director and an Art Curator. Pariz began doing graffiti in 1999, he has collaborated and executed graffiti works on a professional level, for individuals, private companies and brands nationally and internationally. Since 2003 Pariz started travelling around Europe, which exposed the artist to different cultural and artistic influences. He has worked in more than 60 cities around the Globe.

Created on February 14, 2021
Rua Professor Fernando da Fonseca, Lisbon, Portugal
Hunted by Movie Scientist.
Pictures by MovieScientist + HA.

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Date created2021-02-14T23:00:00.000Z
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