This frog is one of Bordalo II's oldest plastic animals dating back to 2017. You really need to know it to find it, even thought it sits at the end of a busy street. This work is not too far from Bordalo's workshop so maybe if you're lucky you you'll see the big man around the neighborhood ;-).
Other animals on his Plastic series include the Iberian Linx that you can see in Parque das Naçoes

"Plastic animals lose their camouflage completely, to display only the natural colors of plastics and other discarded objects, used as raw material. The focus is on form and composition in order to create colorful works, demonstrating the artist's appreciation for the contradictory beauty of our waste, through games of contrast, texture, color and depth, created with parts of recognizable objects from our daily lives"

A little info about Bordalo II and his work philisophy on his own words (source: https://www.bordaloii.com/about)
He attended the Painting course at the Faculty of Fine Arts in Lisbon for eight years, without ever having completed it, but says that these years allowed him to discover sculpture, ceramics, and to experiment with a variety of materials that have distanced him from painting, which had taken him there in the first place.
The public space would become the chosen stage for his explorations of color and scale and the platform where he gradually transformed his habits and channeled his experiences in the construction and development of his artistic work, which is currently focused on questioning the materialistic and greedy society of which he is (also) part.
The excessive production and consumption of stuff, which results in the continuous production of “garbage” and consequently in the destruction of the Planet, are the central themes of his production. This “garbage” assumes itself as the unusual and unique raw material that Bordalo uses in the construction of small and large scale pieces that he has spread around the world and that, above all, intend to be the vehicle of a universal manifesto.

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Created on July 24, 2017
Rua da Manutenção 3, 1900-319 Lisboa, Portugal
Hunted by Movie Scientist.
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