Manou Kersting

Djoels known for her huge photo realistic portraits asked a local artist if he got a good spot for her idea. Well the city of Ronse gave her an amazing location to paint this portrait of Manou Kersting, a Belgian actor who is known for his roles in many TV shows. Who doesn't remember his quotes from the awarded series "De Matroeska's" ("is da allemol nog nodig"), but recently he also rediscovered his painting skills and now also works as a painter. The reactions to Stefaan Degand's, a previous work by Djoels, were so positive that she wanted to do it again. “Manou is a good friend of mine who I have tattooed a few times in the meantime. It is he who brought me into contact with Stefaan Degand at the time. And I think Manou also has a fantastic beautiful head. I already told him that myself. Although perhaps not everyone will understand that. It is not "pretty" in the style of the perfect beauty ideal, but it is a head of character. And I like that. I searched and found a very successful portrait photo of Manou, by photographer Johannes Vande Voorde, and with his blessing I set to work" shares Djoels
Created on February 22, 2021
Alexandre-Louis Vanhovestraat 36, 9600 Ronse, België
Hunted by Tim Marschang.

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