Commerial wall

---- Removed September 2022! ----
Expect to see some publicity here, but made by street artists.<br/>
At the moment you can see a work made by Kitsune Jolene in collaboration by Boerentrots. It's an ode to Flemish farmers; her design shows a young female farmer at the edge of a rapeseed field, flanked by a colorful flower border. 
A project by Wallin' vzw.
Created on July 1, 2022Removed
Chinastraat 1, 9000 Gent, Belgium

Hunted by Ferdinand Feys. Pictures by mural: Kitsune for Eefje De Visser & Wallin' / pic: Ferdinand Feys - Street Art Ghent mural: Cee Pil for Disney+ & Wallin' / pic: Ferdinand Feys - Street Art Ghent.

Marker details

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