Mart e il mare


Mart e il mare is stencil and painting artwork that celebrates Giovanni Fattori, one of the greatest Italian painters of the nineteenth century belonging to the Macchiaioli movement. 
The work is simulating a tour in the halls of a museum and specifically the front door one: Museo Fattori.
Of a particular interest is the figure of Coccoluto Ferrigni from 'Portrait of Yorick' by Vittorio Corcos: mart puts a brush in his hand instead of the cigarette present in the original work. 
The sea is recurring on the entire mural to recall the sector in which the client or committente operates ('International Propeller Club of Livorno). 
A crowded mural as the fruition we wish for any great museum as the one depicted by the artist.
Project by Uovo alla Pop Gallery
Sponsor: Propeller club, Bonsignori vernici 

Mart is the pseudonym of the prolific street artist from Livorno.
He is a multifaceted artist who deals with sculpture, stencil art, painting, large installations.
He is creating a generous and captivating dimension that continuously colors the streets.

Created on March 31, 2019
Via San Jacopo In Acquaviva, Livorno, Province of Livorno, Italy

Hunted by MuraLi Diamo colore alla città.