Tia on a horse | Bootscraper art

Set in semi-circular niches beside the front doors of most homes, these ground-level holes are often overlooked but also fascinate many people. They're actually  boot scrapers, used by visitors to clean the mud off their shoes before entering the house. They’ve been around since the 18th century and are almost like a predecessor to the modern door-mat. Like any functional piece of architecture, many of these iron pieces are highly decorative, complementing the overall design of the building they are attached to.

To give these historical memorabilia a new meaning: a community project transforms them in tiny artworks inspired by stories of the people who live there. To avoid spoilers and enhance the fun we don't share the exact location so you need to look for them. Happy hunting.

Nadine and Erik's daughter, Tia, was born with a chronic. She was unable to walk and very vulnerable. Five years ago, at age of 9, she passed away.
The foot scraper is an ode to Tia. Despite her disability, she was very free spirit and could do anything in her imagination. She dreamed of riding and loved the sea very much.
Tia on a horse on a beach with children playing around her symbolizes her freedom.
De dochter van Nadine en Erik, Tia, werd geboren met een chronische ziekte die er voor zorgde dat ze mindervalide was. Ze kon niet stappen en was erg kwetsbaar. Vijf jaar geleden, toen Tia 9 was, overleed ze aan haar ziekte. 
De voetschraper is een ode aan Tia. Die ondanks haar beperking erg vrij was in haar hoofd en in haar fantasie alles kon. Ze droomde van paardrijden en hield ontzettend van de zee. Ook had Tia heel erg veel vriendjes waarmee ze erg graag deelde. 

Tia op een paard op een strand met allemaal spelende kinderen rond haar staat symbool voor haar vrijheid. 

Created on October 28, 2020
Van Peltstraat 13, 2018 Antwerpen, België

Hunted by Tim Marschang.