This year, we have had ample time to reflect and, inevitably, adapt to changes.
2020 will always be the year we returned to our homes, our neighbourhoods, our families, to all that is essential. To discover within ourselves the resilience and courage to face the unknown.
I wanted this intervention in the traditional Graça neighbourhood to adapt to its surrounding space, create a transition from old to new, from blue to its neighbouring green, and create new patterns based on the existing tiles in order to achieve harmony between the two buildings.
This because the mural results from a reflection on our individual abilities to adapt to our environments and realities, and to do so as a community, so that we can once again find some harmony. This work is about the way in which each of us, through our attempt to remain happy in the midst of adversity and the unknown, adapts (ADAPTA).
This mural is included in Underdogs Gallery Public Art Program, in partnership with CML and GAU.
Created on November 6, 2020
Rua da Senhora da Glória 81A, 1170-363 Lisboa, Portugal
Hunted by Tim Marschang.
Pictures by Ana Pires | provided by the artist.

Marker details

FestivalUnderdogs Public Art Program
Date created2020-11-06T23:00:00.000Z
OrganizationUnderdogs Gallery
Marker typeartwork