A plethora of different works by different artists such as ZooN & DelysiD, Fatal, Ketauu, Scanmaniac, Peter Freund, Mr. Sasa, CargoBikeMuralist, Stek, Bver ...
My favourite is Ronald the pied piper by Zoon

CargoBikeMuralist is Jens Besser. Jens Besser is a German artist painting large and small facades in public. He uses his bike for realizing murals for over two decades. In 2019 JB does his first CargoBikeMural - Tour called CargoTour de Saxe !

Frankfurt based street artist KETAUU prefers in his work a warm color spectrum. His artwork mostly consists of 3 colour: orange, red and black.

About Stek: It all began in 2003/04 with graffiti and a lot of black and chrome bombing raids. When I grow up, it’s more about great stickers. At first only with letters and stencil technique. Slowly but surely I can represent more and more characters and objects like paintbrush or can. I am learning various printing techniques in my job as a printer employee (OffsetPrint, FlexPrint, ScreenPrint). Now I prefer to use for stickers ScreenPrint and OffsetPrint also drawing by hand. A big influence have been all the skateboard and clothes brand Sticker.
Full interview: Stek Street Art

Thomas Fuchs (Fatal) is an artist living in Berlin doing adbust and stencil art
Created on October 26, 2020
Kunst- und Gewerbegenossenschaft Feinkost eG, Karl-Liebknecht-Straße, Leipzig, Germany

Hunted by Dirk Pohlers. Pictures by LeipzigFreeTours on Instagram @leipzigfreetours Dirk Pohlers.

Marker details

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