Mural made by La Compañía de Mario in Los Alcázares, a protest work with several animals in danger of extinction, where we intend to raise awareness of a problem that is affecting the whole world and that we ourselves are living closely, with the Mar Menor and the Caballito as an emblem species, which has been located in the center of the wall. On the side is a scene that went viral on the internet, in the Borneo jungle an Orangutan against the machines that destroy its forests. What was the Bornean orangutan trying to do when facing the bulldozer? Stop it? I knew that was impossible of course. Why did he do it then? We will never know. What we do know is what he achieved with that gesture. Calling the attention of millions of people to a problem that has been latent on the planet since the human being decided to become a god and do and undo as they please without thinking about the consequences. From Mario's company, following the example of the orangutan and with this mural face the excavator, an unequivocal symbol of the way of acting of the human being with pretensions of God. So let it be a promise of the present and the future. We will act accordingly by maintaining the pride and rebellion of the savage. Forever Indians!

Created on September 29, 2020
Av. Trece de Octubre, 15, 30710 Los Alcázares, Spain

Hunted by Tim Marschang. Pictures by unoaisaac.

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Marker typeartwork
CityLos Alcázares