Selfportret with a nip.

Selfportret of the painter Johan Ponsioen (1900-1969) who lived, worked and died in Tiel. We see the painter himself, probably sipping some  Dutch Jenever. Original work was painted in 1935, was inspired by a triptych (a three-part work of art) of his artistic friend Dik Ket and and now to be seen in Flipje & Streekmuseum Tiel. Other paintings of Johan Ponsioen can be found in the museums of Gorssel and Arnhem. The work of Johan Ponsioen belongs to the art movement Magical Realism. 
The painters collective De Strakke Hand created this mural on behalf of the municipality of Tiel, to make the city more attractive.
Created on November 4, 2018
Plein 4, Tiel, Nederland
Hunted by Benita Ponsioen.
Pictures by Jacqueline Bordewin, Benita.

Marker details

Date created2018-11-04T23:00:00.000Z
Camera usedSamsung NX30
Marker typeartwork