REMOVED - Be true to yourself...

Demolished in 2021.
Mr. Leenknecht and Steve Locatelli worked together several times, this is really a masterpiece. The quote is taken from 'Pass the mic' by the legendary Beastie Boys. As a reminder to MCA passing away at that time (2012). Mr. Leenknecht loves a positive and strong message... and music, as he's also a dj.

This can be found on the Saturnus building of this social housing project. Do check out the other buildings. All these will dissapear in the next few years.

A project by: Urgent.fm, All Eyes On Hip Hop, Street Art Belgium and stad Gent for 'Future Legends'.
Created on August 9, 2017Removed
Kikvorsstraat 1215, 9000 Gent, België

Pictures by Ferdinand Feys / Street Art Ghent.

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