Brouwerij De Coureur

Brewery the Cyclist (Brouwerij de Coureur) - a mural created by Nupstr for the microbrewery with taproom hidden behind the gate. The hops and wheats refer to the ingredients of beer, while the bicycle and gears refer to the name of the brewery. The colours blue, red, black, yellow and green are the same colours as on the rainbowshirts of the worldchampion cyclists. And the whole painting is covered in bubbles, just like the bubbles in a fresh pint of beer.  
Brewery with bar
Created on October 15, 2019
Brouwerij De Coureur, Borstelsstraat, Leuven, België
Hunted by Janosh Ams.

Marker details

Camera usedHuawei WAS-LX1A
Marker typeartwork