Header: The photorealistic macro 'W∀SP' by MARiS       
others in running order : Adrien Roubens / Jatse / Vynck / Djoels    

This is only a small selection of the pieces you can find  in 'De Stroate'  -  

'De Stroate' is a Hip Hop Academy, run by a group of young artists and people with a passion for Music and Arts.  
The building used to be a nursing home called Sint-Vincentius.  
In August 2019 a part of the building transformed into a Street Art Museum.

S.A.M was a project by Mc Bullet (Klaas Verschoore) & Jeps (Jatse Verschoore), who represent ArtTKor, supported by JC TRANZIT, graffiti artist Siegried Vynck and the Collectif Propaganza. 

Inside you can find some amazing pieces and installations from 22 belgian and french artists :
Saar Vandenheede - Saar / Wouter Himpe - AHAB / Thomas Heyte - Aldi / Klaas Verschoore - ZIRME / Jatse Verschoore - Jeps /
Thomas D'Halluin - SOFT / Jasper Deyne - JULIA / Eva Baete - Brainfog / Thomas Maris - MARiS / Lemmy Brakke - BRAK / Bjorn Vandevelde / Charlotte Melaerts - Henkie / Pascal Skelle - dotcom  / Chiara Snoeckx / Siegfried Vynck - Vynck1 / Stan Slabbinck - STS /
JASTA / Ben Hendlisz / Adrien Roubens / Benjamin Duquenne / Isaak Iqbal -  Iqbal / Nuygen Van Thang/ Dieter Lannoo

It opened up for public until november 2019, but you can still pay a visit during opening hours :  

wednesday: 14h-20h
Thursday: 17h-20h
Friday: 16h-00h
Saturday: 14h-22h
Sunday: 14h-18h 

- or on demand by e mail: siebrand@destroate.be - 

They will tear down the building somewhere in 2021, so don't postpone your visit! ;)

Created on July 31, 2019
Groeningestraat 2a, Kortrijk, België
Hunted by DJ TRiXY.
Pictures by TRiXY.

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