Precious things

Famous Serbian artist Artez has created his new work in Belarus together with the Urban Myths initiative. The mural entitled “Precious things” / “Freelance” will become the part of the “Future” triptych in one of the busiest Minsk districts. 

Organizers offered artists from three different countries to reflect on modern Belarus through the prism of the images that artists saw themselves in Minsk. Triptych “Future” is a unique project for the city. Three huge murals on the walls of 12-story buildings near the wide road, which is a kind of "gateway of the city" on the west side.

Minsk and Belarus are rapidly changing nowadays. There are more and more young mobile people who work in new high-tech industries. This fast-growing generation of Belarusians has a great influence on the city's appearance and its development. 

It’s worth noticing that traditions and technologies are two things that Artez use rarely as a source of inspiration for his artworks. There is always a challenge when it comes to including “unfamiliar” elements inside the composition without changing the style and recognizable atmosphere of the work. One of the ways to achieve this is to focus on the story instead of focusing on the elements themselves.

Created on November 23, 2019
улица Притыцкого 150, Минск, Беларусь
Hunted by Sergey Radyuk.

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Camera usedNikon D5100
Date created2019-11-23T23:00:00.000Z
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