Commissioned by Kings of Colors and after consultation with entrepreneurs from the 'Mengfabriek', artist Tom Linnenbank (a.k.a. Dopie) has decorated the facade of the Mengfabriek on the Tramkade in 's-Hertogenbosch with a beautiful anamorphic mural. A jellyfish with tentacles symbolizes the reconstruction of the Tramkade. The different tentacles of the jellyfish represent the entrepreneurs of the Mengfabriek who have established themselves there. At first this was a place with deferred maintenance and it was a bit of the city's drain. The location has since grown into a place where the creative industry has landed. The artist wanted to capture that blossoming. The hand also has a meaning. The hand stands for helping each other and working together.
In the Mengfabriek independent entrepreneurs and visitors meet, challenge and inspire each other daily. The Mengfabriek is a circular network of complementary experienced entrepreneurs, new start-ups, art, culture and educational institutions. It is a significant player in the field of urban transition, social innovation and talent development. A breeding ground and a living lab. 

Dopie (‘83) is a well-known artist who has been active in the Dutch street art scene for over twenty years. Dopie’s work is a well-balanced mixture of realism and more traditional graffiti. He is especially known for his use of bold colors and his remarkable depiction of a wide variety of animals. His work (spraypaint, acrylics, 3D artwork) can be found in many places, both domestically and abroad as well as in several books and magazines. - ASA 

Created on April 7, 2021
Tramkade 26, 5211 VB 's-Hertogenbosch, Netherlands
Hunted by Rian Nijssen.
Pictures by Rian Nijssen (@riannijssen).

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