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The residents of the Pieter Nollekensstraat (just outside of the busy center of Leuven) asked Treepack to find the right artist for the right job.
For a 'Kom-op-voor-je-wijk' project, a way for residents to brighten up their neighborhood through their own initiatives and ideas, supported with funds from the city, two murals were requested alongside a handful of other small interventions: a greener street by opening up the sidewalk tiles and planting trees and bushes, daytime activities during summer, and also a few electricity boxes painted in a joyful theme.
By request of the inhabitants, we invited Smates to Leuven. In under two weeks he created two little pearls: for the first you see a young boy waiting on a little bench with a rose.....
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Created on July 14, 2019
Pieter Nollekensstraat 130, 3010 Leuven, België
Hunted by Chaoz64.
Pictures by Chaoz 64, Treepack, Leo Dirkx.

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