Hüweg youth welfare centre

Hüweg is a centre for child and youth welfare and as graffiti is an important topic, specifically for young people, Hüweg is a hot spot for graffiti. They give place for a number of pieces, legal and wanted and illegal as well. But my greatest pleasure alongside those pieces was the discovery of a very old mural of Moni van Rheinberg at the facade of the building. Moni van Rheinberg passed away 2006 and so this mural is older than 25 years and very taken. I guess that this mural is one of Essen’s oldest wall paintings and absolutely worth beeing listed.
Created on April 5, 1992
Hünninghausenweg 84, Essen, Deutschland

Hunted by Andrea Ranke. Pictures by Andrea Ranke (04.04.2019).