Probably the biggest mural in the city at the moment. With references to all the cultures in this area and also to the textiles industry history from the city. This is what the artists have to say about it:
"The textile, which comes from weaving, which is a set of fine threads that are interwoven to form a single piece. The fabrics that clothe us, shelter us, represent us. The women who are the ones who sustain throughout history and the world a textile legacy, the fabrics as a demonstration that many individual but interwoven threads form a unit.
A mural that is a wish of the duo Licuado that all the feminine energies throughout the world with their different cultures, languages and customs can embrace us and wrap us in care and warmth, which is something that the world is in need of but sometimes it is so hard for us to see and prioritise these gestures that are full of strength and wisdom. Because we were led to believe that these are smallest things, that greatness lies in the smallest of acts, but that "greatness" is taking us to the wrong place and time and time again we are stumbling.
For giving these acts their rightful place, for a poetic revolution and revelation full of love and poetry, is the way."

 Part of the Goldmine project in Nieuw Gent by Wallin' vzw. 
Created on June 17, 2022
Kikvorsstraat 113, 9000 Gent, Belgium
Hunted by ferdinandfeys.
Pictures by artist: Colectivo Licuado - pic Ferdinand Feys / Ghent Street Art.

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