black protagonism

BLACK PROTAGONISM - It is the process of starring, of being the protagonist, the extra in a presentation, the person who plays or occupies the main role in a literary work or event. It is high time that we occupy the main position in our history and in society.

This project was carried out with financial resources from Projeto MAR – Museu de Arte de Rua - Notice nº 03/SMC/2023 - Municipal Secretariat of Culture - SP

Created on April 1, 2024
Rua João Pedro Lecór, 144 - Vila Alpina, São Paulo - SP, 03227-190, Brazil
Hunted by Negritoo.
Pictures by Aleff Batista, Negritoo.

Marker details

Artist nationalityBrazil
Artwork typeMural
Marker typeartwork
CitySao Paolo