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Pimp My Pump started as a collective of several artists initiated by Boris Bare in 2014, but the number of members changed depending on every project. It started with the revitalization of old unused water pumps, called Franceki, which were once a vital and important part of the city's everyday life. They soon became richer in detail, including installations inspired by pop culture, music, movies, art and regional symbols. They painted over 100 water pumps and after the city turned them back on, the project stopped, having achieved their primary goal.
In collaboration with the city's tourist bureau, a new series of pimped pumps was initiated in 2021. Here you can find more info: InfoZagreb

Instagram profile of one of the initiators of PmP: @bare.boris
Created on January 13, 2014
Predovečka ulica, Zagreb, Kroatien

Hunted by Doris Baric. Pictures by Doris Baric.

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