One short story

"One short story" by Russian artist Alexey Luka was the first addition to the Art Walk Saarbrücken in May 2017. 
Alexey, who originally studied architecture in Moscow, has become a well known abstract contemporary artist and muralist around the world. The influence of studying architecture is still present and can be examined in every piece of art he creates - clear structure, sharp edges and perfectly executed way of creating his art! His totally abstract murals are telling stories most of the time, so does One short story. According to the artist, we are seeing 3 people trying to get to an outcome after a discussion - Can you spot them?
While examine the whole portfolio of Alexey, you recognize his way of using different materials (wood, steal, canvas, spray paint, acrylic etc.) and combining them to a new abstract piece of art with several layers. His style is just amazing and one of a kind in the world of muralists. What is something special about him in my opinion is, that his art works in small scale on a canvas with several different materials  and also in a big scale. 
Created on October 31, 2018
Bleichstraße 22, Saarbrücken, Deutschland
Hunted by Julien Brengel.
Pictures by Julien Brengel.

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