Meet Aryz: He is a well known and appreciated artist around the world and his murals and artworks are widely spread across the globe. He is born in the US but moved to Barcelona as a young child - he still lives and works in this great city and is also a strong supporter of the independency of the region of Catalonia. 

With his mural for the ArtWalk Saarbrücken, Aryz takes a route he doesn't take that often but also represents his way of understanding art. Most of his works are known for his outstanding figurative style and the use of strong colors. This time he presents a still life mural with strong colors and the influence of is surroundings. You see lemons, flowers and a brick wall, that seems to be a wallpaper, that is supported by a thighbone. Lemons could be referenced to his home in Catalonia and the octagon tiles in the background are a tribute to his mother and her lovely kitchen. The down slipping brick-wallpaper that is hold back by a thighbone, could be seen as a reminder of the fast living world and the constant change between old(death) and new(fresh). That kind of fast decay and consumption of things, topics (politics/society) and also art is something that bothers him and with his artworks he raises awareness for it. One of the main people in the background of the ArtWalk Saarbrücken Nina Reinhardt, interviewed him for the exhibition catalogue and asked him about the meaning of his mural and he answered: "Maybe there is a a meaning - Maybe not!" He doesn't want to create something that is directly comprehensive for the observer. They should take their time to evaluate the work and get into deeper thoughts - So you should!

Created on May 14, 2017Removed
Nassauerstraße 16, Saarbrücken, Deutschland
Hunted by Julien Brengel.
Pictures by Julien Brengel.

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