Fauskanger I - The project

A StreetArt Bergen Project. 
A cold spring in 2019 we were out at Fauskanger Primary and secondary school. It is pretty far out on Askøy so we did it in day. It is a front wall to towards south and it takes a lot of hard weather. Checked it out Summer of 2023 and most were still good. Decaying in a nice way. The project was financed by the artists, school provided the wall. This then again led to the next project Fauskanger 2 which the school financed. 
Artist who participated were: NIMI, Ambrose, SNITT, R.i.P Streetart, Coma Girl, Ami with her hackled creatures and StreetArt Bergen. 
Project organizer was StreetArt Bergen. 
Furehaugen 47, 5314 Kjerregarden, Norge
Hunted by Øistein Jakobsen.
Pictures by Øistein Jakobsen.

Marker details

Camera usedCanon EOS 5D Mark IV
Marker typehall_of_fame