Heiko Zahlmann and Stohead combine their totally different styles in the mural "Mapped 66117" for the ArtWalk-Saarbrücken. Both artists know each other for years and worked together, ever since. Back in the days they shared a studio in Hamburg for years, traveled together and realized duo art-projects and exhibitons. You do feel the strong connection both have, looking at the mural. Stohead with his "Writing-Style" (Tags, Bombs, etc.) and Heiko Zahlmann with his more abstract way of defining new forms with a lot of depth - both styles create a perfect symbiosis with each other (also check out their solo works!!!). 
You will find the mural at a school in Saarbrücken which is based in the district Alt-Saarbrücken with the Zip-Code "66117". They also added a fine copper colored line into the wall, wich should be a reminder of the mining industry that started with a coppermine, situated in Saarbrücken for decades. This shows how the artists get influenced by the location they are working with.
Created on June 30, 2017
Stengelstraße 29, Saarbrücken, Deutschland

Hunted by Julien Brengel. Pictures by Julien Brengel.

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