Tribute to Northern California Firefighters

"The October 2017 California wildfires were a series of 250 forest blazes that burned across the North of the State. 44 people lost their lives in the fires while over 6000 structures were destroyed and hundreds of thousands acres of forest and farm land were incinerated. With 7 of the 10 largest fires in California occurring in the last 15 years, many scientists are now pointing to climate change as one of the major factors behind the increase. During the incident more than 10,000 firefighters battled the blaze, with crews arriving from as far away as Canada and Australia.

This work is an animated portrait of a firefighter from the region, he is depicted holding a co-worker’s helmet as a single flower grows from it. This work acts as a monument to the firefighters who have died in the line of duty while also commenting on the cycles of life, death and regrowth after forest fires. 
The work is located on the train line in the Napa Valley’s Rail Arts district and consists of 14 hand-painted portraits. The work is designed so that each portrait acts as an animation cell. As the viewer passes the wall at speed on the train, the work animates, giving the portrait life and movement." 
Created on June 20, 2018
1730 Action Ave, Napa, CA 94559, USA
Hunted by Natalie Cowan.
Pictures by @chasingspraypaint.

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