Pso Man / Connexions Urbaines Festival

Artist globe trotter, Pso Man plunges us into a strange world inspired by the reality of his many travels around the world. Exploiting to infinity the representation of suggestive creatures in movement, his works oscillate between unstructured forms and minimalist features. The Liege takes us brilliantly into an experimental universe where imagination and poetry go together ...

Spray Can Arts is an association based in Liège and active since 2004 in the urban arts sector that it produces, disseminates and promotes. Led by an artists' collective, she is interested in visual arts, music and dance. The association is positioned as a platform for the exchange and dissemination of Street Art at regional, national and European level. It offers regular programming of exhibitions, concerts, events, workshops and workshops.
Created on May 31, 2018
Rue Roture 36, 4020 Liège, Belgique

Hunted by Hawaux Roger. Pictures by Hawaux Roger.