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Heerlen Heron

Capturing the entirety of this expansive mural in a single glance while standing before it, proves to be an almost impossible task. Funded through a crowdsourcing effort amounting to 13k euros, likely with the generous contributions of community members, the artists aimed at portraying Heerlen's evolution away from its historical roots. Much like a phoenix emerging from the ashes, this artwork serves as a powerful representation of the city's metamorphosis, transcending its mining heritage and the socio-economic difficulties it once faced.

Just a few meters further not a mural, but a next mining landmark will appear.

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Created on January 19, 2022
Kloosterweg 1, 6412 CN Heerlen, Nederland

Heerlen Heron

A group of entrepreneurs, creative people and straight up Heerlen lovers, joined forces in a crowdfunding campaign to create a warm welcome to our city. Because of their love for the raw identity of Heerlen, they started a funding round throughout the city. It took them 2 weeks to collect the total budget of 12.000 euro. The mural shows elements of Heerlen that make up the city to everyone who rolls into town on the traintracks. The grey-ish Heron, rising from the 'ashes' made up of typical elements that make this region, is a symbol for a city struggling with it's past and trying to work on a better future. 
Dave de Leeuw, Vincent Lancee—Heerlen HeronDave de Leeuw, Vincent Lancee—Heerlen HeronDave de Leeuw, Vincent Lancee—Heerlen Heron
Hunted by Bart Temme.

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