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Pat's Tosti Bar


By the way?! Anywone who walks past the facades of this city center and looks up, sees a world of contrasts: the historic facades versus the modern life below is a testament to the city's rich heritage. 

Heerlen's transformation journey was shaped by the closure of its mines and the ensuring challenges. For over three decades, this unique character has endured hardships. The time has come for a renaissance. 
At least, that is the dedicated mission of Atelier Stadsrevisie: restoring Heerlen's facades to their original, charming spendor. Pat's Tosti Bar was one of the first to undergo this magical transformation. And luckily there are many more facades waiting! 

Definitely make sure you look past the facade as well, as Pat makes the best sandwiches in town. To eat in (check out his local art collection) or to take away. Enjoy! 

Image: Atelier Stadsrevisie

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Saroleastraat 66, 6411 LW Heerlen, Nederland

Pat's Tosti Bar

Patrick's sandwich bar has become an unmissable eatery in the city center of Heerlen. The speciality of the house is easy to guess: from classic sandwiches to experimental ones, making his menu constantly surprising and varying. All sandwiches can be ordered on the go or to eat indoors. Make sure to at least take a peek inside, because this cozy little shop has become a small museum with many works by local artists. 

Picture by Luc Lodder
—Pat's Tosti Bar
Hunted by Bart Temme.

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