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Step back in time at the 1930s Karmelietessenklooster, a hidden gem that holds the secrets of Heerlens' Roman past. Discover the life and work of Lucius Ferenius, the city's earliest known resident, and an indigenous Roman potter:

In 1971, a remarkable find brought his story back into the light. A pot inscribed with 'Lucius Ferenius made this pot for Amake' was uncovered, piece by piece. 

Today, you can hold a replica of this remarkable artifact in the tranquil gardens of Luciushof. Explore the Roman herbs that flourish here and immerse yourself in the history that lies beneath this serene enclave. 

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6411 GT Heerlen, Nederland

Luciushof (De TWEE Gezusters)

Discover the ancient and modern splendor of this hidden courtyard with terrace and Roman herb and kitchen garden. 
—Luciushof (De TWEE Gezusters)
Hunted by Bart Temme.

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