Created on September 15, 2020
Calle Tenderina Alta, 51, Oviedo, Spain

Homenaje a Dolores Medio

The theme chosen for Lidia was the figure of the writer Dolores Medio, a writer born in Oviedo/Uviéu who was awarded the Nadal Prize in 1956 for her novel “Nosotros, Los Rivero”. Dolores was a woman ahead of her time, nonconformist and visionary, as well as one of the best writers of the postwar period.

To immerse the artist in the subject, we had a virtual meeting with Cosme Marina, President of the Dolores Medio Foundation, from whom we could hear at first-hand about the world and work of this Oviedo writer: her life, her passions, her writings and her struggles.

Lidia wanted to portray Dolores wearing her tie and with short hair, which broke with the molds of the time, accompanied by her typewriter, and stalked by two vultures that symbolize the censorship from which her novels suffered. 
Lidia Cao—Homenaje a Dolores MedioLidia Cao—Homenaje a Dolores Medio

Hunted by Parees Fest Oviedo contextual mural festival. Pictures by Fer Alcalá.