Born in 1998
Annecy (France)
Paris (France)

Falco is self-taught young artist coming from Annecy and now based in Paris. Committed, he speaks by updating art history and shaking up codes in the public space. He focuses on meaning and concept rather than aesthetics with images that provoke, point fingers but also question. Also Fascinated by conceptual art and Duchamp’s ready-mades, he also loves to play with the definition of art: What makes art? What are its limits? STORY At the age of 15 to 18, he first started to spread his nick FALCO through custom stickers or t-shirts and ended up studying the history of the arts. Daily confronted to analyze powerful, conceptual and meaningful artworks, he quickly feels the need to create and share his work otherwise than through a screen. To meet this need, he came to cut out his first stencil and he began to vandalised his first wall in 2019 ignoring that what he was doing was in fact "street art". Later on, with the goal of becoming a graphic designer, he enters a fine art school that he left 3 weeks later. He understood he could not deal with the fact of having someone holding the top of his pen and express himself with filters. Taking the path of the artist's life has been his entry ticket to liberty.

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