Ben PeetersClaimed

Born in 1980
Bree (België)
Hasselt (België)

Ben Peeters is a Belgian artist based in Hasselt. His work is a unique mix of paintings, murals, digital and tattoo work. He is characterized by minimalism, refined details and the use of strong colors. He is inspired by elements found in nature, often extracting and simplifying organic forms into colorful portraits and landscapes. His work is playful and triggers the imagination of the viewer with ideas of freedom and happiness, which are a recurrent thematic element in his work. Ben Peeters explores the boundaries between fiction and reality. His art evokes a personal and imaginary world, where organic structures, landscapes, elements of plant life and abstract vivid colorful shapes meet and create a curious mixture of movement and contrast. In his search for the essence, he deliberately simplifies his subjects so that nothing remains except the most important parts, this allowing the viewer to make his or her own associations.

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