Alex FerrorClaimed

Born in 1982
São Paulo (Brazil)
Lisbon (Portugal)

Alex Ferror is a Brazilian self-taught muralist, illustrator, and fine artist based in Lisbon, Portugal and Atlanta, GA, USA. In his colorful work, Alex invites you to connect with your inner child. The artist explores the whimsical universe of childhood imagination and how kids see the world and interact with their feelings. Through his characters, mostly children and their imaginary friends, Alex encourages diversity, creativity, love, and respect, among other messages and emotions that the artist considers essential in our humanity. Alex’s work can be seen on walls, installations, publications, and other products in many different countries. So far, he has illustrated two children’s books and painted in several different street art festivals and other public art projects in countries such as Brazil, Portugal, and Mexico, as well as many different cities across the US.

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