Street Art Codes

Street Art Codes are a great way for mural creators, production partners and municipalities to tell a story around their artworks.

A Street Art Code sticker

Simple to scan

Someone viewing this artwork can simply pull out their phone and either use the Street Art Cities app to scan the code if they already have it, or use their camera app to scan it as a QR code.

Either way, they'll end up on a page that will give them more information about the artwork. This can include work in progress pictures, links to additional resources, with more interactive options like videos and audio guided tours available on request.

Available for every budget

We can help you get these codes up on your walls in multiple different ways, depending on your budget or needs. A few of our most popular options:

  • A robust acrylic plaque intended to stay up forever
  • Water proof stickers, a cheaper long term solution
  • Temporary stickers, perfect for events
  • Design assets, for you to print on your own materials

Built-in analytics

Every scan is tracked. See information about Street Art Codes being scanned in your city, and learn about the audiences that scan them.

This analytics information is available as an add-on to our City Insights dashboard.

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