Street Art as a Service

Street Art is currently the cool kid on the block in cities that want to showcase a younger image and attract a creative audience. And we get it.

Huge colorful artworks in grey urban areas are like city jewelry. Guided tours along those spots are just as popular as museum visits. Visually stunning social media posts make not only city marketeers smile. It connects an audience of millions of artists, visitors and journalists in ways impossible before the internet. This attention, the traffic to these spots and the discussion about it, that is what’s revitalizing city areas.

You don’t need to become the next Berlin or Los Angeles. But you should however understand the dynamics in becoming one of those cities that are on art lovers’ bucket lists. There is no fast track or red pill to such an identity. It is a journey of investing and learning to be able to grow. Yes, like all things, that takes time. Lucky for you, we help you pick the optimal route and make the right steps towards your destination.

The four phases


Learn & Relearn

Learn about how your city performs and define goals.



Organize events and add new artworks to the cityscape.



Take pictures, shoot movies or write about great new works.



Share with the world and measure your impact.

Phase one: Learn & Relearn

Make a selection of our interactive training sessions that match your needs. We will share new insights and use cases in three 1.5 hour sessions, so you can get going quickly. At the end of the sessions there is plenty of time for discussion.

Here is an sample of some of the available sessions:


  1. Learn about the history and evolution of street art?
  2. What is the definition of street art in your city
  3. What does your local street art community consist of and what makes it thrive
  4. How to recognize key players in your area, and see how they perform interact and perform

Art & Artists

  1. What are the different types of artists, and how do you attract them
  2. What is the difference between a local artist and an international artist and how do you help them grow
  3. The need for empty walls and free zones and how to organize them

Become a Street Art hot spot

  1. Building a sustainable relationship with your street art community
  2. How to let the world know your city is worth visiting
  3. How to make policy on urban art
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Phase two: Create

Let us answer these questions for you:

  • "Should we work with local artists or international ones?"
  • "How does this entire process work?"
  • "How can we involve our inhabitants?"
  • "What are the approximate costs?"

You can build a team to help you execute new artworks, or hire a Street Art Cities partner to take care of the process for you. Either way, we're happy to advise your team and connect you with the right people: artists, suppliers, press and project managers.

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Phase three: Document

We love to shoot pictures and write about Street Art. That passion was the reason we felt like creating a platform for all our friends who are like us.

A network of city maps, containing all the information about cool Street Art was born. Location data, background information, pictures or movies, a local ‘Street Art hunter’ vigorously collects it. This global community, driven by passion and armed with our mapping technology, is what makes Street Art Cities.

What our platform offers

  • The locations of artworks across town
  • A description of each artwork
  • Background information on the artist
  • A set of pictures of every artwork
  • Other cool places like hall of fames, shops, coffee bars, restaurants
  • Great routes that take you to amazing spots
  • A dashboard with information on how your city performs
  • Your city in our popular Street Art Cities app
  • Custom city pages that add city logos and pictures
  • Add specific places like tourist offices, art museums to show visitors other cool things to do in your city

We understand that some of you need more. Especially the option to be in our popular street art cities app. That is why we bundled extra services for cities that are in the forefront of this public art revolution.

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Phase four: Promote

The last step in our model, let the world know! You already offer great street art in town, but you people to know? Let us help you get more attention to your hotspots in town. We offer a selection of services to attract new visitors.

We collaborate with brands, influencers, blogs and artists to promote the artworks in your cities to tourists and locals.

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