Apple Tower Theatre

Apple Tower Theatre mural

First opened in 1927, Tower Theatre has a rich history and is an important landmark in LA's Broadway Theater district. After years of restoration, Apple has just opened a one-of-a-kind retail store in the building.

A mural painted by 15 emerging LA artists spans the upper part of the facade of the building. It celebrates the artist's mentors and heroes of LA's creative community that influenced the artists' journeys.

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Highlighted artists

Noah Humes

This 148-foot long mural was painted in 2020 by five black artists to honour those who lost their lives to racial injustice and the movement for social and racial equality.

Bodeck Hernandez

Painted as a tribute to Chadwick Boseman and some of the iconic roles he played, this mural was done in 5 consecutive nights by Bodeck Luna Hernandez and Mr. Guillotine after Boseman's death last year.

Carolyn Suzuki

The mural's main message – "Financial abuse is invisible abuse" – is meant to bring to light the prevalence of women who are trapped in domestic abuse.


Ms.Yellow has been painted walls since she was a teenager. She's painted walls across the US, Canada and Mexico, utilizing her craft to have a positive impact on communities.

Steve Martinez

Growing up learning how to do bubble letters from a friend in elementary school, he got into the graffiti scene early. Nowadays, he's active as a photographer and graphic designer.

Andrew Hem

Born during his parents’ flight from Cambodia, his work reflects the balance between the the rural society of his ancestors, and the dynamic urban arts of Los Angeles.

Pictures by Impermanent Art, Lisa Lee and Carolyn Suzuki. Thanks for your help with this project!