Yellow Submarine

 The Yellow Submarine is the idea and venture of independent artist Igor Fridrih Petković, whose mother is from Austria and whose father is from Serbia.
A Yellow Submarine on the pier of the former Franz Josef bridge on the Danube.

The 1969 animated film "The Beatles, Yellow Submarine" depicts Pepperland, a heavenly place under the sea where everyone lives through music. After the unscrupulous "bad guys in blue" (Blue Meanies) attack Pepperland and threaten the peace because, it turns out, they don't like music, members of the band The Beatles jump in to help the heavenly place and restore music as the leading idea of ​​peace and love.
The plot of this animated film, which is part of the legacy of The Beatles and is based on this band's hit, is part of the artist's inspiration for setting up just such a yellow submarine on the Danube.
"The Danube is a historical and once wartime border, but also a key factor for the construction of bridges, which, as we know, are the ones that bring people together. We have at this moment a war that gets into all of our bones and the need to somehow reach peace. I I had the vision for this installation 10 years ago, when I lived for two years in Novi Sad and had a studio at the Petrovaradin Fortress.

Source: https://www.021.rs/
Created on May 10, 2023
Каменички пут 1, Петроварадин 21000, Србија
Hunted by Sunčica.
Pictures by Dobrivoje Dejanović.

Marker details

Camera usedApple iPhone SE (3rd generation)
Marker typeartwork
CountryNovi Sad